Informations for day tickets

We’re thrilled that so many of you want to be at the Workers Youth Festival. We get tons of mails every day with questions about the festival. Unfortunately we are not able to answer them all. But now here are some informations about the one day ticket:

- Due to our limited capacity, we can only replace a limited contingent of day tickets. Please do not be angry with us if we have to close the gates, and unfortunately we can not accommodate you. We are very happy if you will come and visit us once one day. But safety is our primariy objective!

- Please remember to take your passport for registration!

- A day ticket costs 12 €.

- You wont get a place to sleep, but you’ll get lunch and dinner.

- With the day pass you can also participate in the cultural program. There won’t be a separate ticket for the concerts! If you want to see a concert, you have to check-in with a day pass!!

- Check-in is located at the fairground in Fredenbaumpark. The plan you can check out in the brochure, which you can find here on the site.

Your WYF-Team

More than 3000 participants!

This is so amazing! There will be more than 1000 international comrades at Workers Youth Festival! All together, we will be more than 3000 participants in Dortmund! Yeah!

final registration until april 15th

The final regstration deadline is April 15th. We won’t be able to accept any registrations after this deadline!

Change details of your registration: Deadline for changing or correcting data of your registration is April 20th.

Deregistration and participation fee: We kindly want to inform ou that the last day for cancelling your participation will be April 20th. After that, we will have to hold on to your participation fee of € 35 and won’t have any possibility to reimburse the money.

More english information right here soon and via e-mail!

So happy to see you soon!

temporary programme in English

Dear comrades and friends,

the temporary programme of Workers Youth Festival is online! Have fun reading and clicking through it!

Of course, you can also download it right here: WYF Vorläufiges Programm

See you soon everyone!

Rise Up! Wir für ein schönes Leben

Rise Up! Wir für ein schönes Leben – we proudly present our poster for our Day of Action in the city center of Dortmund on Saturday, May 11th. They will be all over Dortmund!

Plakat Rise online

Register until April 15th

Due to many requests of our regional branches, we are opening the registration procedure until April 15th. Make sure to save your last open participants’ slots quickly! See you soon :) !

Pre-programme in Berlin

Berlin, here we go!

You will join the Workers Youth Festival? You would like to use the opportunity to visit Berlin as well? Then join our nice Berlin Program. Lots of comrades from all over the world. Lots of history and interesting workshops. And of course lots of party!


Only 120 Euros for Europeans (80 Euros for non-Europeans)

Register via mail
Deadline: April 1st, 2013